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Current Project

West Lake Subdivision

West Lake

The FLI team, headed by Fredrick "Freddy" Sanchez, has over 30 years of single-family home development experience. Since 1987, Freddy has successfully completed residential projects totaling over 4,000 new homes, with a total construction value exceeding $1 billion USD. 

The latest project is the West Lake Subdivision, a $180 million, single-family home development near Gainesville, Florida. West Lake is fully planned residential neighborhood specializing in single-family detached homes for rent. The design and amenities cater directly to the needs of the local community.

Single-family B2R (Build-to-Rent) is one of the fastest emerging segments in residential real estate today. The B2R business model capitalizes on the growing number of professional millennials who desire the traditional single-family home experience, but would otherwise be unable to afford a down-payment. 


Utilizing cost effective construction methods, durable materials, and high-end interior finishes, coupled with providing traditional multi-family amenities gives the B2R model a competitive advantage against residential apartment communities. 

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